A week in Desolation Wilderness

LAKE TAHOE – Brittany Klemm (BS Geology, ’14) and Nikki Mainwaring (BS Geology, ’13) spent most of last week mapping exposures of Jurassic metamorphic rocks in the Mount Tallac roof pendant and Cretaceous granitic intrusions with Dr. Burmeister. The group backpacked into the Desolation Wilderness Area in the Eldorado National Forest from a trailhead near Fallen Leaf Lake and established a base camp at Grass Lake. From there, they completed a series of transects in the surrounding area. During these daily hikes, they mapped bedrock exposures and looked for areas to focus future, in-depth studies. Our preliminary mapping efforts discovered an interesting collection of geologic structures, including faults, folds, and penetrative deformation fabrics that will help us begin to resolve ambiguities in geologic history of this region. In the end, we were very fortunate to get a helping hand from Patrick McIntosh (SCOE Sly Park Environmental Education Center), who helped us carry out our heavy rock samples! Brittany wrote a successful grant application to the Pacific Fund Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program to support this project.

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