Klemm wins prestigious research award at GSA

DENVER – We are pleased to report that Brittany Klemm (’14) is the recipient of the prestigious 2013 Austin A. Sartin Best Poster Award for her research presentation at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting last week. The 2013 Sigma Gamma Epsilon Undergraduate Research Poster Session that Brittany presented her research in featured 100 student posters. Dr. Erika Elswick, National President of Sigma Gamma Epsilon noted that “Brittany did a very nice job on her poster and really impressed the seven judges – she was an overwhelming favorite on everyone's list.” President Elswick continued, “[Your] new chapter is really putting out fantastic students!”

Brittany presented the results of her Senior Thesis research under the advisement of Dr. Kurtis Burmeister. During the past two years, they have been investigating deformation in rocks involved in the Hudson Valley fold-thrust belt – a belt of rocks that were rumpled up during the series of tectonic collisions that built the once mighty Appalachian Mountains of eastern New York State. Brittany & Dr. Burmeister’s research is part of a collaborative effort also involving contributions from Dr. Scott Giorgis (SUNY Geneseo) and Dr. Frederick Vollmer (SUNY New Paltz).

It’s worth noting that this is the second year that a student from Pacific has contributed to research that lead to this prestigious award. Last year, at the 2012 Annual GSA Meeting in Charlotte, Nikki Mainwaring (’13) and Dr. Burmeister were involved in a research project spearheaded by Melissa Gunderson (SUNY New Paltz - currently in graduate school at Northern Arizona University) and Dr. Vollmer that also was awarded the Austin A. Sartin Best Poster Award.

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