Career Development: Learning to Drive Safely

STOCKTON – Driving is by far the most dangerous career-related activity for Earth & environmental scientists. To help address this problem, Dr. Burmeister enlisted Cheryl Sloup and Sean McNally (Budget & Risk Management Office) to help kick off a new set of defensive driver training exercises in Geologic Field Methods (GEOS 161). This new addition to the course is tailored specifically for Earth & environmental science students, who often find themselves driving on long long trips, in big vehicles, and under less than optimum conditions. In addition to several online short exercises (distracted driving, drowsy driving, parking & backing, and road rage), students are receiving the driving-related portions of ExxonMobil’s Field Safety Leadership Course and the field trip driving safety protocol that Dr. Burmeister developed for the Wasatch-Uinta Summer Field course.  Did you know that you travel 88 feet per second at 60 mph!? ...think twice next time you allow yourself to be distracted while driving!

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