Win McLaughlin (’10) helps GSA celebrate 125!

STOCKTON, CA – We’re pleased to announce that the back of Win McLaughlin’s head is being featured in a series of advertisements celebrating the 125th anniversary of theGeological Society of America! All kidding aside, GSA couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate head to showcase – full of determination and ready to attack the challenges that lie before her.

Ancient Ecosystems & Loop Head

KILFENORA, IRELAND – Day two of our field course in western Ireland took us back to the limestone outcrops along the south side of Galway Bay. Dr. Best took the group to a set of amazing bedding plane exposures that preserve snapshots of communities of organisms that once lived on the Carboniferous sea floors of this region. Here, students gridded off the outcrop and carefully produced a series of amazingly detailed maps of fossil locations that helped us recreate the paleoecology of this ancient reef system.

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