Learning how to communicate science

By Sara Warix ('18)

SACRAMENTO – When students think about science education, it normally occurs in a formal setting with lectures and tests. In contrast, the Science Café movement pulls education out of the classroom, makes it informal, and seeks to share science with the public. Science cafés also put a huge emphasis on making learning about science, non-intimidating, interactive, and fun.

Sly Park Update Fall 2013

SLY PARK – Drs Rademacher and Burmeister took advantage of the fall break to head up to Pollock Pines to visit the campus of the Sly Park Environmental Education Center. At Sly Park they spent several hours working with Sly Park’s newest faculty member, Dave “Gio” Giordano, who has a long and impressive history of active, hands-on science teaching, including several years working at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.

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