Spring Break 2016 & my first taste of fieldwork!

Written by Sara Warix, BS Geology '18

STOCKTON – This spring break, Dr. Rademacher and I headed to Las Vegas to meet up with a bunch of the scientists we are collaborating with on our Integrated Earth Systems project. Our team of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members includes hydrologists and microbiologists from Purdue and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Once together, our group of six set out for ten days of spring sampling throughout southeastern California. 

Learning how to communicate science

By Sara Warix ('18)

SACRAMENTO – When students think about science education, it normally occurs in a formal setting with lectures and tests. In contrast, the Science Café movement pulls education out of the classroom, makes it informal, and seeks to share science with the public. Science cafés also put a huge emphasis on making learning about science, non-intimidating, interactive, and fun.

Alexis' Adventure

Written by Olivia Sue, BS Geology '17

HEMET – College students changing their major one, two or three times is not an uncommon occurrence. For one student in particular, Alexis Lopez ('15), a recent Pacific graduate, changed her major three different times; only to find, in her last semester of her final year at Pacific, her true passion in an introductory Geology class.


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